Life is Like An Elevator

Ever wonder how things that happen in your life can just be your step back in one moment then be the whip you need to wake you up and get you back on your feet in the next? That I’m talking, happen in one same thing in your life.

I mean, well, talking about heart. One day you found your heart is broken and the next you found that your broken heart just got you stronger than ever then you moved on and continue with your life. If you’re lucky, you found the better version of your life than before.

Just experienced that these past few weeks I guess.

My close friend always tell me that I deserve a lot better than the men I have chosen in my life. I mean, they told me, how I am too much of an independent, strong, kindhearted, and loving woman to deserve someone like them. That makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with my decision making system?

Then I think about what people said. That we have to love ourselves first in order to let other people love us. So when they leave, we’ll be okay since we know we always got ourselves to feel loved. This is not easy for me. I mean history talking, I’m not good with my self confidence. That depression state I went through was hard enough. And I don’t think I have completely recovering from that. Although it’s just not much left about that. I heal, just need a little bit more effort to make it complete. So right now, I just try to have fun with my life. With all I got, with who I really am, and all that I feel inside. It’s a struggle but I think it will worth all the difficulties.

Men come and go, all they want. They forgot no matter how short their stay, they always leave footprints in someone’s life. They forgot that sometimes it is not easy for other people to just erase that footprints.

I still have questions lingering on my mind. About so many things. About the reason, about the decision, about the feelings, about every single thing that happen. But then, my favorite German, Jurgen Klopp, said, “Do not worry about things that you can not change.”

The questions in my mind, they’re all in the past. Although they left unanswered, they are all in the past. There’s nothing I can do to change that, nothing I can do to answer it since the only one who got the answer just disappear in the wind.

So moving on is the answer. Letting go. Do not holding on to something that you should have let go. You will only hurt yourself.

Be brave. Take a new step. Be true to yourself. Enjoy life. I read an interesting quote few days ago. It said, “life is like an elevator. Sometimes on your way up you have to let people off.”

So this is my way up. This is my elevator. People may push the button from the outside and open my door. They get in. There’s no guarantee that they will follow all my journey till up there. Maybe they push the button again to stop at some floor, to take their step out of the elevator. But does that mean that my elevator should just stop forever in that floor and not continuing the journey up? That would be the stupidest thing.

Like I always said, life is good, life is kind. No need to be so negative about things that happen in your life, right? Because in the end, you never know, that maybe it could be the best thing that happen to you in your life. Be grateful. Always.




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