I always think that meeting you again will be the slimmest chance life could offer,

but then today’s twilight brought us in the same line

A sight for sore eyes, as always, hm?

Today, it was more than that for me.

With you cleaned up pretty nice, it’s not just about the look,

but all my feelings that you brought together.

I never intended to push our fate.

If it’s our time to meet, then it is.

Meeting you is already a bliss for me, so no, I won’t push anything.

If ever come the time that somehow I miss you, then I’ll let Allah know,

because you make me closer to Him and I believe He knows everything better than fate.

Dear soft shady brown eyes,

Thank you for being the orange in my twilight sky today.

Somehow I found that your pair of brown eyes captured the twilight sky better than the sky itself and made not only the sun set, but my heart fell deeper.

Universe, thank you for the meeting you gave today.

Everytime I took a glance at him, my heart beat faster and somehow I needed to worked hard to caught my breath.

I’m not asking much, but please tell him, today he made me feel alive.


About ayundazikrina

Woman with dreams
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