My Letters Becomes You

I thought I’d see you yesterday, but it seems like I have to wait at least for another day.

I can’t believe what the last 7 weeks has done to me. To you.

In the first weeks, I didn’t even think about talking to you if I don’t have to.

But now, it’s been 3 days since the last time we talk to each other and I miss you a little too much already.

Is it okay if I feel this way?

Because sometimes in my prayer I would whisper your name a little too loud just because I wish I could say directly to you what I really want to say.

To say that maybe I miss you. To say that I want us to talk again.

I want to laugh on your joke. I want to smile secretly behind everything that you do.

Sometimes just watching you being serious with your laptop on your lap already forming a smile on my face.

Sometimes when you use term of endearment to me, a part of me wants to believe you called me that way, just me not to another girls in the house.

Maybe I hope too much. Maybe I have dream a little too far.

But nothing’s wrong with hope and dream right?

Because there are the place where everything begin.

One day, if somehow you get to read everything I have written about you,

You have to know:

the only one I miss in every prayer time, the only person I miss to see in the front porch, and the only owner of soft shady brown eyes;  is you.


About ayundazikrina

Woman with dreams
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