Never thought missing you has done such effects on me.

Bad mood, no apetite for food, hard to smile.

It’s been two days over due and you haven’t come back.

How have you been?

I thought I dreamt about you last night.

It’s blurred but I know you’re close.

I wish you’re here.

I’m not hoping for a long talk or laugh if it’s too much to ask.

I just want to see you; see you laugh, see you smile, even if it all just from the distance.

Is it too much to ask?

Dear universe, I miss him maybe too much.

I miss the one I probably shouldn’t have missed.

I miss the one that may not even ever think about me.

But one thing or the other, I miss him.

Just to sit next to him, or listen and sing old songs with him.

Just to hear his voice.

Soft shady brown eyes, is there anyway on Earth that you could come back any faster?

This girl who choose to adore you and let you know through every whisper in every prayer is missing you. All a little too much.


About ayundazikrina

Woman with dreams
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