Sometimes I wonder whether I have ever crossed your mind, because it seems like you never leave mine since the moment you stole my heart.

I can’t even tell the precise moment when that happened, but I know for sure, it’s a little hard for me to let go. To let you go.

It’s not just one time that I imagine we have a talk, just both of us, about random things.

I know this happened yesterday when I was on the back of your motorcycle and we’re on a ride together.

We talk about things, and somehow I fall in love more with the way you’re being your serious self.

Maybe we can have a repeat some other time, yes?

If one day that “talk” happen again, I always wonder if it will tell more about you, and more about me to ourselves.

But for anything that you have given, for every smile, for every gaze, for every laugh, for every warmth I always feel when I’m next to you, thank you.

One question that always come to my mind: “Did the universe ever send you the greetings I always send to you in every prayer?”

I really hope it did.


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Woman with dreams
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