It’s Always Been You

Sitting here right next to you wondering whether you know how edgy I am here beside you.

Listening to the oldies music that we both love (maybe) a little too much.

Am I letting myself go too far?

Letting my feelings drowned too deep?

If ever there is a chance, will the universe be kind then tell us?

A little part of me wants this never be over. But the other part (most of it) is still afraid that this might be temporary.

That all of this might just a past haunted me back

But one thing, it’s you, that makes me eager to see the sun rise again, just so I get to see you in the morning.

It’s you that make me write again. It’s you that make me smile before I close my eyes at the end of the day. It’s your name that I whisper in my prayer.

The owner of soft shady brown eyes, it’s always been you.


About ayundazikrina

Woman with dreams
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