To One of the Man in the Porch

To the man with soft eyes,

I refuse to admit my feelings, simply because I don’t know what kind of feeling that I have

But one thing I know, I enjoy your companion.

I enjoy being next to you.

I enjoy laughing with and because of you.

And the most important thing, I enjoy myself when I am with you.

Maybe this is just temporary.

Maybe this is just a crush.

Or maybe this is an escape.

No one knows. Not even me.

One thing I learn lately, it’s better to adore someone within a distance,

and never letting them know how you feel.

I should just enjoy this moment.

Enjoy the seconds I get to spend with you.

Enjoy every laugh, every smile and every time your brown eyes see right through my eyes.

Hey the water man with the scar in the back I just fixed, I adore you.


About ayundazikrina

Woman with dreams
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